Sunday, July 18, 2010

Those that cant dance PAINT

Yes its true i am a wanna be dancer , so cause i cant ,i now paint them . Well ok i can do a very good 'THRILLER" as a party trick and i can even rock out to 'the rocky horror ' theme. When i was growing up i had to choose between art or dance lessons clearly i picked correctly . I am always in awe of the art of dance especially ballet its just so gracefull and elegant . I am a big fan of traditional ballet , modern is fantastic too but nothing quiet like a SWAN LAKE . I have a georgous red tu-tu that makes a grand appearence in my ballerina series . This is my most popular nude and too this day i am humbled by all the lovely comments this series has recieved. Although the tu-tu is always red , for my new exhibition i will be doing a one off blue tu-tu so stay tuned . I will continue to dance in my dreams and on occasion in my studio while i wait for my paint too dry.......xox