Wednesday, October 27, 2010

WONDERLAND .............the artist statement .

Starr’s latest solo exhibition is based on the beloved Lewis Carroll fairytale Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, taking influence from the classic Disney movie. She has also drawn upon various other iconic images and a touch of the current dark and far more sinster Tim Burton movie showing Alice as an adult.

Starr’s work shows the journey a modern woman takes as she struggles to hold on to traditional values. iPods, Facebook, Coke Cola and the Twilight phenomena are all intertwined as she navigates her way through an ever changing technological world.

Whether it be ‘Wonderland’ or Brisbane, this exhibition is brought together by the unique style and colourful imagery that can only come from one artist…. Starr.

this exhibtion opens in brisbane in dec at the REDHILL GALLERY  .......will be the offical unveiling of the ALICE SERIES. xox

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