Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Selfie on the way to wonderland

 "Starr’s work shows the journey a modern woman takes as she struggles to hold on to traditional values. iPods, Facebook,coca cola and the twilight phenomena are all intertwined as she navigates her way through an ever changing technological world." 

Well thats a little from the official statement and this the latest installment in the Alice series carries on with lots more twists and turns . I am keeping things in house with this one as it features my pink corvette for the first time and this baby will be turning up in a lot more of my series down the track . When i was a little girl i always wanted the barbie car but never got one so when i got older one day like magic it arrived in my drive way ....................i am very loved and spoilt . So of course it was going in the alice series . 

  Now lets talk about disney's Fairytale castle , its quiet frankly like a dream and is what i think happily ever after is all about . I grew up loving disney and princess's and how can u not like a symbol of love as large as the magic kingdoms castle . Yes i realise its based on the german one which is also gorgeous. I think Fairytales are to girls what superheros are to boys ..............I am a girly girl i love pink all the way ok and every other colour but pink mainly. While some think disney is a tacky beacon of love i certainly dont . You can choose to  create your very own fairy tale or in my case paint it .  

Of course no Wonderland fairytale painting would be complete without an enchanted forest and dancing flamingos. Ok and all the usual nods to wonderland like the white rabbit , stop watch , queen of hearts card and a beautiful floral foreground that the magic mushrooms pop up from . Here is a sketch featuring the flamingo and foreground flowers that were used in the painting . Its great to sketch up your ideas for major works like this i find . The SELFIE bit is just the crazy current phenomena most of us are guilty off . I am a vain creature and admit to doing this regularly . I am sure there will be a few selfie photos at my current exhibition WANDERLUST that opens on the 7th of november at the redhill gallery.  

What makes me super happy about this painting is that my imagination has been taken to a new level along with this series . I find the courage in this series to be me and let you see inside mind of an eccentric artist and she journeys down the rabbit hole and beyond . lol 

s xox  


  1. I hope you do a painting of Alice zooming across the Story Bridge in her pink car too Starr.

  2. Well u never know Darren lol