Sunday, October 12, 2014



‘a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.[1]

My latest exhibition ‘ Wanderlust’ explores the desire to travel and the often-magical journeys we take in life.

Whether it’s New York City or London, Paris or even my own hometown of Brisbane there will always be some new undiscovered aspect to fall in love with. As a visual artist my inspiration comes from these global adventures and the need to satisfy my abundant curiosity and strong desire to share the beauty of this planet.

As an incurable romantic, love can be my greatest inspiration. I am lucky to be able to paint the things that I myself love in my own inimitable style. Cityscapes that capture the heart such as the Eiffel Tower and Empire State building or passions closer to my soul such as the ballet, the female form or even just a great pair of shoes, all things that I find in my adventures and travel are set to feature in this exciting exhibition.

‘Wanderlust’ is my ultimate fairy tale splashed across the canvas, capturing my freedom and passion as an artist in the brightest and boldest colours imaginable.

Starr X

ok Well thats the official statement !!!!!!!! but it says it all i think . I am so excited to be having my latest exhibition in my hometown of brisbane at the REDHILL GALLERY .Opening on the 7th of november from 6 till 8 . RSVP is essential via the gallery . 
here is a pic of my nephew posing with my HERO painting "WANDERLUST" 

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