Sunday, February 13, 2011

every rose has its thorn.

Every rose has its thorn , just like every night has its dawn ..........................ahhhhhhhh so who says rockers that wear edhardy too much are not sensitive . .so HAPPY VALENTINES DAY everyone . Roses are the universal symbol of LOVE clearly by a mile . The average man will always send them on valentines day too his love or else hes in big trouble . I paint this red rose series as i love the idea of love more than most however elusive it is . Over the years i have been sent many dozens of red roses by admirers but some men just think out side the box .......................or colour etc. One guy sent me black roses , let me tell ya a first i thought fuck it might be my death wish ? i looked at the card an realised this man would never send anything so common as red due to his extrodinary taste in all things dark . Another man sent sterling roses , they are pale lavender grey roses , featured in the movie 'BED OF ROSES' . I love a man thats creative and thinks out side the norm . For the record black roses are very rare and hard to get in this country due to our climate . I love hard to get . xox

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