Tuesday, March 29, 2011

where on earth can u ??????

Where on earth can u ..........................????? treak an hour too see the one of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world . Dance the nite away with the american navy as their boat has just landed . almost get taken by a croc while ur trying to get an amazing photo of waterlillies . ........u would be in DARWIN . Its one of the most amazing fun places on earth and terrific too paint as well . Some on my best times have been there ...........................they have the most fantastic margaritas in cullen bay along with sensational fresh seafood  . The markets are the best in the world with some of the best asian foods i have ever tasted but mostly the people are the friendliest around.It is also lots of fun too party in , u just have too have a lust for life and always remember what happens in darwin stays in darwin. xox

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  1. I just saw "Cane Toads,The Conquest in 3-D",
    where Darwin and Brissy are major starrs .-)
    If you haven't seen this film yet,get to the Dendy Cinemas and put on your 3-D glasses.
    There's even a great shot of the Story Bridge...what more could you ask for?

    To see a trailer,cut and paste this link into your browser;


    Last chance to see Darwin before the toads invade.-)