Saturday, August 13, 2011

'one day i'll fly away"

hey everyone receintly i was feature artist in 'fusions fine art gallery' in perth for the month of july works been all over the world so its only fitting it flys to the other side of australia . Western australia sounds so very far away i have never been there but i am sure one day i will get there.  I here its a most beautiful city . Hailing from queensland its interesting how we rarely venture to the other side of our country . I tend to think of WA another world away sad considering i am more than happy to fly to hollywood at the drop of a hat . Beautiful gallery however and am very happy to be now represented there. so if your in perth please visit them . x

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  1. Speaking of Hollywood and Western Australia.
    Have you seen the movie "Red Dog",yet.
    If you haven' use a Molly Meldrum yourself a favour and go see it.You won't be sorry...and take some tissues.