Thursday, September 1, 2011

aspley special school art show

Now i rarely talk about my family but i have a brother who i just love ................his name is 'bradley'. Bradley is a teacher at the aspley special school and i am so proud of him and all the sacrifices he has made over the years to become the fantastic teacher he is .Its not an easy job and something i could never do but he dose it with such ease and joy . So tonite is the schools art show i am donating a large story bridge to the school and all proceeds will go to helping the special kids . They are very special indeed they have wonderful personaities and are very enthusiastic. I spent a few mondays helping out the budding young artists with some killer techniques that they have applied to there own works which will also be there for sale on the night. I found these wonderful children lots of fun to be around and i even played hookey with them good luck tonite kids xox

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