Sunday, October 16, 2011

toowoomba you ROCK .X

'stars only come out at nite ' was a massive success . TOSARI gallery you are an amazing gallery with a very professional attitude . The opening nite was fantastic and lots of red dots interestingly sales where coming from all over the country for this show . So well done TOOWOOMBA .I so enjoyed meeting lots of new clients and local art buffs , i felt very welcome in this remarkable town. I hit the OLIVE GARDEN for a few cocktails after to celebrate , go the 'bird of paradise' cocktail it was yummy. On the saturday i had a did a talk and a walk through of the exhibition for the gallery and had a few cupcakes and met again some wonderful locals . They are all so friendly !!!!! later that nite myself and few friends hit the SPOTTED COW for a steak . it was one of the best steaks i have had in years so i do  highly recommend this pub . I also have to admite i did get terribly lost getting to my opening but i did get the chance to see every small town on the way to the show . Yes i had a GPS but thought i would not get lost lol . However i do think it is a wonderful part of the country to get lost in . U rock toowoomba xox


  1. Glad to hear the exhibition was a success Starr.
    I love Toowoomba,I was up there last with my wife before the flood hit,to see a Casey Chambers concert in the Empire theatre (you just have to see something in's so grand) and have a steak in the adjoining restaurant (now that was the best steak I've had...maybe just slightly better than the Caxton hotel's great steak).
    It's funny how you mentioned the 'bird of paradise' cocktail,because last night I was visiting a blogger's site in England that I regularly visit

    and he had taken a shot of a "Bird of Paradise" flower,so I left a comment about how I have them growing just outside the window of my computer room.
    So,"Bird of Paradise" seems to be the theme of the day.I'm going to do a post about it on my blog,once I stitch the pieces together.I was wondering if I could use the above photo of you to put in the "Bird of Paradise" post?

  2. sure darren ....................your most welcome of course but also feel free to use my bird of paradise painting on my facebook site . i also had never heard of a cocktail called that till now ..............most funny :)))

  3. Hi! Had to take a look at your blog after reading the Bird of Paradise coincidence on Darren's blog. Love the Alice pictures.
    Best wishes,

  4. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thanks mike !!!