Tuesday, April 3, 2012

alice in wonderland the ballet !!!!!!!

Well now its always wonderful to see the ballet ..........................but ALICE in WONDERLAND is just a treat . In my town of brisbane there is a marvelous local ballet company called the 'Queensland ballet' , they have just done their version of alice in wonderland . It was awesome .!!!!! if your in town go and see it . Of course i had too its one of my dreams to see this ballet preformed all over the world as every ballet company will twist this twisted fairytale in a different direction . I loved the mad hatta the costum was epic ......................very colorful just like my paintings . So well done brisbane !!!!

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  1. It was a treat, from the oysters to mushrooms and the mad hatter's mania! Mmmm, and the jam tarts and the Queen of Hearts fits and starts!