Monday, February 2, 2009


my latest exhibiton is in darwin , this is one of my favourite cites in australia . Its just so beautiful and so australian ................. my exhibition is called 'chorus of colour' , and its opening on the 6th of march . i am working on lots of floral theme works and it shall have a very tropical feel compared to my normal more moody works. birds of paradise, orchids and not to mention waterlillies . on my lastest trip to paris is was so inspired by monets waterlillies that i had to catch my breath they were so large and very increadible his use of colour and the abstact nature of his brush strokes were just mind blowing to say the least. So paint waterlillies i have? I do think certain flowers appeal to artists more . I have never liked the common ones or even the most popular . my fav flower is the IRIS , my favourite scent is the gardiner, but the fav to paint is the waterlilly ....................

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