Friday, January 25, 2013

I come from the land down under ..........

where women glow !!!!!!!! and yes yes any australian knows all the lyrics to the iconic song . So HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY and its awesome to be an aussie . I consider myself a very lucky girl to live in such a fantastic country known as the lucky country . I dont have a kangaroo for a pet sadly i have a dog .........................while i dont drive a holden i have a corvette . I do however wear pluggers /thongs etc every day while i paint . One of my favorite songs is 'great southern land' by icehouse .  I prefer champagne to beer and we are not talking sparkling wine either :( . ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and i love a shrimp/prawn on the barbie rather than a steak . Pubs are not my thing nor are back yard parties i like events and nite clubs with cocktails. This really is just a sign of an evolving australia and an aussie girl !!!!!!!.

Whats not to like about a country thats got so many fantastic icon for an artist to paint .Go the opera house its my favorite ICON of them all. This country is just so damn inspiring in a way thats unique to the rest of the world . So on a day like today i consider my self privileged to be an Australian painter girl .

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  1. It's funny that another blogger that I follow who lives in Melbourne,but is in Sydney for four weeks,just posted a shot of the
    Harbour Bridge and was singing Sydney's praises in her post called "Sydney Dreaming"-

    I met her in Byron Bay last year at the Writer's Festival and bought her beautifully worded book "Sinning Across Spain".
    You might have seen Ailsa on TV if you ever watched "Neighbours" (I haven't).
    I love Sydney,but it's been about 20 years since I was last down there.
    I like the Opera House too,but my favourite Sydney icon would have to be SHARK PARK at Cronulla (since I'm a Cronulla supporter.-)
    Although technically it's just outside Sydney,I guess?

    The Story Bridge in Brisbane is probably my favourite Aussie icon,next to the Big Pineapple,that is.But the Opera House is in my top ten for sure and I love that painting of the Bridge Starr.

    Happy Australia Day.