Friday, June 3, 2016

ALICE through the looking glass


As u might imagine ' ALICE through the looking glass ' is quiet a big event in my world . So big I decided to unveil my latest painting in my ALICE series at the same time . LONDON CALLING is my latest and I admit it's not quiet finished but very very close , I am ever the perfectionist . Lol Seeing Tim burtons latest master peice was fantastic and if you have not seen it yet what are you waiting for its amazing . 

So my day firstly started out with a private tea party , I am well known to be tea party ready at a moments notice . Being and Alice in wonderland tragic , Infact the tea party scean is my all time fav bit in the films . Might be my English/Irish tea drinking background . 

Then it was off to the movie we go , I brought a few girls from the redhill gallery , some clients and few friends . More the merrier I say . With a glass of bubbles I showed off my new painting and had a delightful catch up and even met some of my Facebook friends . ALICE also came along and loved the movie or was it just loving putting her feet up in gold class. 

All this is in preparation for my SOLO exhibtion at the redhill gallery Brisbane  that I am madly painting for currently . LONDON CALLING will be finished soon and featured in this exhibtion . 

I currently have for a limited time actually another week, a special of 20% off my prints via or via the . They are high quality limited edition normally selling at 395.00 now for 320.00 . Get in quick this will not be repeated and is just for the launch of this magnificent movie . 

I would like to thank everyone who came to my movie / unveiling event it was wonderful sharing my deep love of all things Alice with you . ⭐️

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