Monday, September 26, 2016

Just PAINT !!!!!!

I always get asked why I paint my certain subject matter . The answer is I paint what I adore , obsess over and can't look away from . My idea of beauty is different to others . Living in my own world and quiet frankly not having much outside interference means I just don't care what's hot or not . Every artist journey is unique to them as mine is to me . I see my little birdy more than humans these days lol . It's a good thing as it's taken me two years to paint my current exhibtion . 

Colour is always inspiring as is the light in different countries . London was a huge hit with me and quiet unexpected too , with all its blue and it big red things I was in heaven . It's not enough to paint a scean from a picture it's about being in the picture and living in it for as long as you can . I broke into tears quiet a few times while in London as it was just so pretty and fairytale like . I do love a fairytale even just an artistic one . There were many places I have visited in my life and not loved and many places others would just wanna leave and not care to take a closer look . 

I have been collecting things on my travels and I am in general a bit of a bower bird . Lots of these things you can see reacuring in my paintings . If it's in a painting chances are it's mine and I covert and adore it . My Still lifes and the imagination series are the best examples of my collection/ hoarding being put to great use . As I grow I change of course and new things excite me but also I have an ability to love some things forever . In the end I JUST PAINT in my studio and am very excited for you all to see what I have been working on . 

Ps you cant paint the TOWER BRIDGE in London until you see it and are so in awe of the history and architecture of this magnifent structure . 

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