Thursday, April 14, 2016

A wonderous adventure

I am currently having a wonderous painting adventure at the moment . Strange things happen when you let caution go and just let your creativity run wild  . I am currently working on three large new Alice paintings in my well known series they are intensely detailed and demand all my skills . While clearly knee deep in wonderland I have done a few Alice portraits with her famous friends in sketch form and smaller works . I have had visions/dreams for many years of a white series and it looks like it's finally becoming a reality . It's will work in conjunction with my Alice series nicely and will let my technological vision be far more up close and personal . 

This is my new Alice cover for my ROSEGOLD iPhone , of course it just had to be featured . I have had a love affair with apple and all their devices and it's still going strong . I also recalled a twisted sci-fi movie from decades ago called donny Darko which has inspired in some new works to incorporate a rabbit head on a human for my white rabbit . This has been a great thing as I can't own a rabbit for my series due to laws of rabbit ownership in Queensland :( 

White rabbit aside he's looks magnificent with my Alice and has added a modern quirky twist to ever evolving series . ⭐️

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