Tuesday, July 24, 2012

charity concert featuring KILLER QUEEN.

Now some very good friends of mine that i have known for decades are putting on a charity concert to raise money for cancer research. I am donating a "story bridge in teal " 60cm x 50cm its just beautiful and one of my most wanted version's i do of the bridge.Its just beautiful and electric in colours . I am donating 100% of the profit to their cause . I think we all know someone whos been touched by cancer this is just how an artist helps . This painting is 990.00 so if you want it, have to have it or just wanna donate to a wonderful cause contact "IAN" via starrart@starrartanddesign.com .!!!! And make it yours .

If your not in the market for a story bridge thats ok too but maybe you might wanna come to the concert at the Tivoli on Saturday night . Will be a huge night for sure . I love queen and this version of them are fantastic you will love them and nothing like a good CHARITY CONCERT. All the info is down below . I hope to see you all there !!!!!  

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  1. The painting is gorgeous luvs, well done supporting a special cause, and btw you look too young to 'know someone for decades'! Xx