Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Conviction in the first degree.

 I am as guilty as they come , I love to sketch in my TUTU ...........the red one to be exact . Well the evidence is mounting now!!!!! This photo was taken a month or so back via the highly skilled  Jason from"silkshot photography " . Seriously if your going to paint it then live it i say . Imagine a world where you could sketch till your hearts content in a fabulous tutu, thats where i live  ...........................we only get one life after all .You know the stories about the crazy eccentric artists , well its all true . Conviction is everything to me , my art is me 100% , while i admit i am not a ballerina I do love it . I am addicted to the grace and elegance of the ballerinas .
This one of my latest works and you can see exactly where the tutu comes from now . This tutu is actually vintage , i love a vintage tutu . I know that even before it arrived in my world it had a life all its own years prior . So yes i am guilty of sketching in my tutu ......BANG BANG and i would have it no other way . All for the love of ballet. xox


  1. Starr,
    You must checkout an artist in the states who I have bought a number of prints from for myself and my wife.


    Her name is Vanessa Valencia and I love her art and I think you will too.

    She does a lot of ballet art and Alice in Wonderland stuff.
    I like the Alice stuff and my wife likes the ballet stuff.


    Just copy and paste those two links above into your browser and checkout her wonderful work.

  2. hey darren her works lovely ...........!!!!!!!! oddly however my taste in art that i buy is very different to what i actually do myself . lol.


  3. What would be an example of an artist's work who you admire,if you don't mind me asking?
    You don't have to answer,just curious.

  4. hey darren ,

    no thats a great question !!!!!!! check out http://stewartmacfarlane.com/ i am his biggest fan and have quite a few of his paintings . i Love ken done and also Marilyn mansons the musician artwork .everyones taste in different requarding art , i do love painterly figurative works. !!!!!! cheers

  5. Stew's pretty good and I like Marilyn's Micky Mouse.
    Do you like Ron English's stuff ?


    He is one of my favs...next to Banksy that is.