Sunday, July 8, 2012

photography an artistic journey

Firstly let just say i am excited to finally have a buzz for something other than painting . Nothing can ever compare to painting for me it was always love at first sight . However since picking up my first real camera which is a NIKON its heaps of fun  . No its a big camera and not a my normal little barbie pink idiot proof Nikon . Let me say i have no interest in being a photographer as i am aware its an art in itself which takes many years of study to prefect . I looked over lots of my travel photos and most were so terrible they were useless . Meaning i could not use them as reference material for my paintings as most were not in focus , even with my abstract style they would not work .

"KAKADU" is one of my most amazing paintings as i had to trek hours to get the photo and also travel for days to the destination . Years ago me and my trusty barbie pink idiot prove took this shot mind you another 20 shots did not work out . A few did and hence i created this  painting with a very unique view . I loved the results . So a few years later i decided something must change and i must get some better skills for this exact reason. Ohhhhh and while at art college i even did a few electives in photography but clearly i learned nothing . I think you have to want to learn .

I have always had lots of friends who are amazing photographers ................they are all so god damn talented . I am grateful to be getting lots of advice and have even done a short course . They are all so supportive and yes they all make jokes like "have you taken the lens cap off". etc ...... while at this stage i feel happy just to be able to hold the camera straight. I am sure there will be many more jokes down the track .lol I know this skill will enable me to create  much better paintings and capture a scean with much more confidence. I will never let a moment pass me by again now i have a REAL camera .x

I wanna thank the wonderful guys at for helping me on this wonderful journey .check out what they do as they are all the top of their fields .


  1. Look out Steve Parish .-)
    He is my favourite photographer,
    mainly because he shoots heaps of great Brisbane based photos for his calenders.

    Check out his wonderful website,if you have never seen his work.
    You will love it.

  2. yes darren i love his work !!!!!!!!!