Sunday, November 11, 2012

a wonderful opening weekend !!!!!!!

What a wonderful opening weekend of PARIS JE'TAIME !!!!! the weekend kicked off with the offical opening on the friday night .Above is a picture of myself with the gallery director Margaret campbell ryder . The redhill gallery really dose do a very elegant art opening with champagne flowing all night to the delight of the clients . I wore a Karen millen dress thats a bit french waitress crossed with black swan , meaning yes a bit of a tutu. Nothing more fun then a bit of a dress up and getting out of the paint splattered clothing . The red dots were flying all night and i walked into a room full of them . Redhill gallery had been very busy preselling clearly . I really loved seeing all my clients and getting a chance to meet some new ones . Its also wonderful to be surported by those close that i love dearly .

I always wanna let my hair down after the opening as I must be on my best behavior , well thats what my lovely manager says anyways . I have been hitting the Normandy for years now after my redhill shows cause of its close vicinity. Love the BOVINE bar there , had a very sav blancs and then hit the dance floor . I ended up on the stage with the DJ at some point and danced the night away to journey and bonjovi ..................was so much fun.

The rest of the weekend I was in the gallery on both days between 12 and 2 sketching up clients idea for commissions . Was  awesome to get to meet lots of clients one on one and hear there paris stories . Some were first time buyers and some had many many starr paintings. Its always been a mystery to me where they all go and why they picked a particular painting . I also witnessed many more sales happen and lots of clients were giving me idea of what theme my next show should be !!!!!!!  Thank you redhill gallery for a wonderful opening night and thank you all those that came to the opening night or that  visited on the weekend .Its now open so please go and see it if your around or just wanna be in paris again .x