Wednesday, November 14, 2012

sketching has been a obsession of mine .

I have always believed that sketching goes hand in hand with painting . I sketch like i paint and i paint like i sketch its really a very happy marriage of media . When your style is as defined as mine has become then there is not much difference between the two . I was sketching many years before i started painting and it really was my first love . My latest series of sketches are truly beautiful if i do say so myself . Yes it is ok to loves ones own work cause if not then how the hell are your clients going too .lol .

These latest works are featured in "PARIS JE'TAIME" which is about to hit its second big week so please pop and and view it as it is 2 years in the making . Rather then just draw with pencil i like to add inks as i have always been a massive fan of them . Then kick them up a notch with a bit of paint and cray-pas .While scribbling and having fun they are then done . I love to make mistakes as that can add to the character of a drawing . However on occasion i can be almost finished a sketch and oppps i have an accident and coffee goes all over the sketch its then ruined  . So while i do sketches for almost all of my works not everyone makes the exhibition cut ie the coffee incident . That however is all part of the random fun of being and artist . xox

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