Thursday, November 8, 2012

one sleep to go

One sleep to go before my french exhibition opens . woooooooohooooooo yes i am more than a bit excited . I painted my little heart out for months and months and have been waiting for my big home town exhibition . I only exhibit in Brisbane once every two year so its always a bit event . This means all those most important to me shall be at my opening . I have a wonderful family and awesome friends who are so supportive . One girlfriend regularly brings over beautiful home cooked meals for me . Not that i am a poor starving artist but the fact i sometimes forget to eat decent meals as i am furiously finishing off paintings. Chocolate is not a meal :(   Over the years those close have been understanding with my many moods and eccentric nature  .lol  I am very grateful to be represented by such an top Brisbane gallery  REDHILL is just outstanding .  I have always said it takes the right artist and the right gallery .................when u get that right mix its MAGIC .

In saying all that its very lovely to know that yes i love PARIS but clearly so do many other's . I cant wait to catch up with all my clients , some will be new ones and some have been following me for over a decade. I am as always humbled by the response to my work .So thank you everyone  ..................... see you all toomorrow night !!!!

Cheers starr xox

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