Sunday, November 4, 2012

sunday mail !!!!!

wow what a nice way to wake up and find a full page about my up and coming exhibition 'PARIS je't'aime ' in the sunday mail .!!!!!!!! Yes PARIS I DO LOVE YOU and i am always grateful for all the inspiration you have given me . Friday night is my opening and i am terribly excited and a little nervous at the same time .I love an opening and the redhill gallery always dose an elegant one . Most will never know the hard work that goes into a SOLO which is over 40 paintings , this takes a very long time to do and the thought process behind it is intense . Once completed its all about how the public will receive it,but thats where knowing you have done the best work possible counts. I always believe in producing a fresh exhibition every time this means all my exhibition have new works . This also adds to the pressure but also its a challenge . Publicity like this is just awesome so thank you SUNDAY MAIL and sally browne . The only thing i need to thing i have to think about now is what ever am i going to wear ? After all i am a girl before an artist lol