Friday, January 1, 2016


Happy New Years everyone !!!!! Mine has started off with a bang well being in London is pretty epic . 2015 you were also a super years so 2016 you have lots to live up too . I am over here searching the city streets for inspiration and it's not hard so many big red things . 
One of my favourite red things is the London buses and coming in a tie is the telephone booths . Just WOW . just WOW . Yes there is a very good chance these will be featured in my October 2016 solo at the redhill gallery in my home town Brisbane . 
I have English / Irish blood so I knew that I would love this city and the cold . I truly feel right at home and just love the light in Europe in general . LONDON is a bit like stepping into a fairytale for real it's just so old . A far as artistically inspiring this is just fantastic city so many structure that need to be captured on canvas . I have been doing watercolour sketches from my Paddington studio , I can set a studio up anywhere I go . Sometimes it just about getting out of your world and stepping into another . 
Here is a water colour sketch of the Crown Jewels from the Tower of London . I did say where I am staying is beyond quirky it's painted from ceiling to floor it's quiet mad really . Then again all the best people are mad . Here is a shot of the ceiling yes that's a full painted ceiling with stars .
Crazy I know I was not making it up photographic evidence is needed . Oddly I love it's quirky warm vibe . So while I love to paint from life I rather value my hands and not have them frozen off . I run around lots with my camera and just hope they are in focus enough for me to be able to work from them . I am a poor photographer but getting better as they years go by .I know what I see and what will make a great painting not always the best photo lol . 

So I will just be seeing what I see and loving the journey because after all it's not about the destination . But LONDON is a pretty cool :) X 

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  1. Loves, so thrilled you are having so much fun! N picked a fabulous hotel! I love the crown drawing. It is wonderful. Xxx