Monday, January 4, 2016

Alice in wonderland in London !!!!!!!

There is alway time for Alice in wonderland adventures in London or even an exhibition . At the British library there was such an event . Being an Alice in wonderland tragic I had to go so off to London I went . Was a bit interactive aswell you could do selfies with big mirrored alices . 
It was a fantastic collection of many editions and illustrated Alice books and the story told with many different versions . I actually have a copy of the original book that's very old and sits in a glass case to protect it . It has featured in one of my latest Alice painting , you can see in in the row boat here with Alice . It's the green looking book one of my most treasured possessions . 

Every artist paints Alice through there own eyes , mine is all mine . I went with an adult Alice as I could relate better to that and went with a technological twist . It's a bit like seeing into the looking glass and interpretating it your way . 

I found this rather unique DRINK ME bottle .........and I just knew I had to have it not just because it came from this exhibition but because it will work in my series in the future . Yes I had to do a quick watercolour sketch of it also . Ps I did want almost everything in gallery shop :( but needed a reality check . 

So it truly was like falling down the rabbit hole for and hour or so and a most epic wonderland adventure . Was so inspiring to me artistically and I have few more twists for my Alice series in the future . We are all mad here X 


  1. Soooooooooooo very cool and sounded like it was so much fun :-) Thanks for sharing it with us.