Monday, January 18, 2016


I am current back in PARIS and the pursuit for beauty to capture on canvas . It's off to a flying start and I feel so inspired the minute I am on French soil . It's a bit cold would be an understatement and it's interesting to see the effect on the sky ........I do love vanilla sky's in the day and indigo Sky by night . 

It's alway a good idea to see the Eiffel Tower as soon as you can it personally makes me excitedly happy . Ohhhhh and quick watercolour sketch never hurt anyone or a coffee in your favourite cafe . 

 I love to be a bit random and let things just happen and wander . I find beautiful streets that inspire and even though navigation in not my strong point sometimes you need to be lost to be found . 
Or at least learn to use the metro lol . So let the adventure begin that is Paris . X 

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