Sunday, January 24, 2016

Paris street art / Ba Ta clan / Picasso

Paris is such wonderfully arty city and is so full of street art it's very visual . I just love taking a few snaps of it . Of course I personally love the super bright ones . Lol 

Here are some incredible samples of Paris street art !!!!!!! 

I love to wander the street of a normally bustling city that is Paris . While it was their winter Paris is always packed with tourists . It had a bit of a somber feel this time many normally packed hotels were not. In fact my girlfriend who lives in south of France who visits Paris all the time said her regular hotel she was the only one there and normally she's hard up getting a booking :( . The recent attacks in Paris have had a massive effect on the city . 

I walked past the ' Ba Ta clan cafe ' with a heavy heart for all the loss of life that had only recently taken place . I could relate to this as I am a rock chic who loves to go to concerts in these types of venues . My friend had recently seen ' bullet for my Valentine ' there and said it could have been her or anyone on any night out with there friends . 

The Paris people and all the visitors left cards and candles and you could just feel all the prayers surrounding the memorial site . Of course I said a pray for the victims of this tragedy .

I also had a visit to the awesome MUSEE PICASSO PARIS ........ Wow and the wait was worth it . I have waited too on all of my last visits it was always under renovations . Finally was amazing to see his Intire story shown on five levels of a remarkable gallery . You could see what a strong hand/style he had that transcended his different art periods and evolution . I walked away with a heightened respect for the genius that is PICASSO . 

and my new favourite mug ........ Xo 

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