Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Art shops and bunny heads

One of the most interesting pursuits with travel for an artist is visiting mega art shops in other countries . Paris has some incredible ones all have some similar items but most are totally unknown which is always exciting . I have a bit of a thing for buying brushes as I find the quality in France is second to none . Always amazed by walls of colourful paint displayed still has the same effect on me as it did when I first entered an art shop as a child . !!!!!! 

Always make you wanna have a paint even if it just with a bit of black wash . A bit into the watercolours ATM . I also travel with them mainly as they are less trouble at customs . Trust me I have lots of trouble at customs just with one name of STARR . Lol it's a complete nightmare so I don't also need dramas with the word PAINT . WATERCOLOUR is lovely and no offending . 

A buffet of pencils is always a good idea nothing gets the creative juices flowing quiet like them . Another thing I am always on the out look for are glamorous and beautiful sketchbooks , I am a sucker for a good one !!!!! Must be really thick and of the highest quality something that's hard to find in Australia . 

Lucky last is never but never hold back on buying a killer prop like a bunny head . This will show up soon in my Alice in wonderland series . Nothing creepier than human/animal head or more whimsical depending on your artistic bent . I am undecided but I knew I had to have it . 

Buy because you may never see it again even if it's a bunny head or a new sketchbook . Well that's my tip . X 

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