Friday, January 15, 2016

Love a photographic adventure

It's been quiet the arty adventure with my iPhone !!!!!! Love my iPhone as much as you do yours . I am addicted would be understatement . While my photos are most likely have a rather fabulous ending ahead of them it's fun all the same . Yes as a painter girl they will end up on canvas for an up and coming exhibition . Here is a small sample of my latest photos . 

I think the camera is fantastic tool for an artist to master . I know many award winning photographers and to be honest while I love what they do I would always rather be messy and paint  . In saying that 2016 is the year I get some extra photography skills up and take it a bit more serious . Every year I always take up a new skill that will enhance my practice . Last year it was the airbrush lol .

So 2016 is the PHOTOGRAPHY year for me . I actually dabbled in it via intermedia and art college but never quiet got it . This time I am having private lessons and am very percific with want I want to learn so not to overwhelm me . Totally excited about the plan !!!! 

Hope your New Years off to a fabulous start I am still in London painting and about to head over to Paris for a spell X 

Starr ⭐️

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